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05/22/2017 Version 3.50 of the ASTRA32 has been released

New in the version 3.50:
- Added reading of SPD information on Intel 200 Series (Union Point), Intel 300 Series (Cannon Lake-H), Intel Cannon Lake-LP chipset, Intel Gemini Lake SoC
- Added support of SMBIOS 3.1.1 standard
- Added detection of Intel Core i7 (Kaby Lake-X), Core i5 (Kaby Lake-X), Core i7 (Kaby Lake-S), Core i5 (Kaby Lake-S), Core i3 (Kaby Lake-S), Pentium (Kaby Lake-S), Celeron (Kaby Lake-S), Xeon (Kaby Lake-DT), Xeon (Kaby Lake-H), Core i7 Mobile (Kaby Lake-U), Core i5 Mobile (Kaby Lake-U), Core i3 Mobile (Kaby Lake-U), Pentium Mobile (Kaby Lake-U), Celeron Mobile (Kaby Lake-U), Core i7 Mobile (Kaby Lake-Y), Core i5 Mobile (Kaby Lake-Y), Core m3 (Kaby Lake-Y), Pentium Mobile (Kaby Lake-Y), Core i7 Mobile (Kaby Lake-H), Core i5 Mobile (Kaby Lake-H), Core i3 Mobile (Kaby Lake-H), Celeron Mobile (Skylake-H), Pentium (Apollo Lake), Celeron (Apollo Lake), Pentium Mobile (Apollo Lake), Celeron Mobile (Apollo Lake), Atom (Apollo Lake), Atom (Briarwood)
- Added detection of AMD Ryzen 7 (Summit Ridge), Ryzen 5 (Summit Ridge), Athlon X4 (Bristol Ridge), A9 (Stoney Ridge), A6 (Stoney Ridge), E2 (Stoney Ridge)
- Added preliminary support of Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Mill), Intel Gemini Lake, Intel IceLake, Intel Coffee Lake family processors
- Added detection of temperature of AMD Kaveri, AMD Godavari, AMD Bald Eagle, AMD Carrizo, AMD Bristol Ridge, AMD Merlin Falcon, AMD Stoney Ridge, AMD Mullins, AMD Beema, AMD Carrizo-L, AMD Steppe Eagle family processors
- Added detection of Overclocking Support of Intel processors
- Added detection of Microcode Revision of Intel processors
- Added detection of new processors features: VPOPCNT[D/Q] Instructions, 5 Level Page Table, AVX512 QVNNI Instructions, AVX512 QFMA Instructions
- Improved support of Intel Kaby Lake, Intel Cannon Lake, Intel Atom (Denverton) family processors
- Improved support of AMD Ryzen (Summit Ridge) family processors
- Fixed detection of Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition, Intel Core i7-6900K, Intel Celeron N2910, Intel Celeron N2920, Intel Core m5 (Skylake-Y) processors
- Fixed voltage detection of Intel Atom (Diamondville), Intel Atom (Silverthorne), Intel Atom (Pineview) processors
- Some minor bugs fixed
- Updated program database

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