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Running in Batch Mode

You may run ASTRA32 in batch mode. Also you may run the program in quiet mode (without windows displaying).


ASTRA32 /R[T][J][H][X][C][S][P] [[path\]filename1[.ext]] ... [[path\]filenameY[.ext]] [/LP profile_name.rpf] [/LL language_file.lng] [/Q] [/C comment] [/SKIPSERVER] [/?]

[T] - creating a file report in plain text format (default [.ext] - .txt)
[J] - creating a file report in INI format (default [.ext] - .ini)
[H] - creating a file report in HTML format (default [.ext] - .htm)
[X] - creating a file report in XML format (default [.ext] - .xml)
[C] - creating a file report in CSV format (default [.ext] - .csv)
[S] - creating summary report file
[P] - do NOT include private data in the report

You may specify different names of reports for different types of reports
[[path\]filename1[.ext]] - name of the report for first type of the report
[[path\]filename2[.ext]] - name of the report for second type of the report
[[path\]filenameY[.ext]] - name of the report for Y type of the report
default [path\] - program folder
default [filename] - 'astra32' or network name

[/LP profile_name.rpf] - load report profile with name profile_name.rpf
See example of the report profile in the Examples folder
You may use /LP switch with /R switch (astra32.exe /R /LP profile.rpf)
[/LL language_file.lng] - load language file with name language_file.rpf

[/Q] - quiet mode (use with switch /R[T][J][H][X][C] only)
[/C comment] - specify comment (macros allowed)
[/SKIPSERVER] - do not run the program on a server operating system
[/?], [/H] - help

Using macros in batch mode:

$HOSTNAME$ - insert host name
$USERNAME$ - insert user name
$MACADDR$ - inser primary MAC address
$IPADDR$ - insert primary IP address
$DATE$ - insert current date (YYYYMMDD)
$TIME$ - insert current time (HHMMSS)
$YEAR$ - insert current year (YYYY)
$MONTH$ - insert current month (MM)
$DAY$ - insert current day (DD)

Example 1:

astra32.exe /RTP c:\reports\$DATE$\$HOSTNAME$.txt
Save plain text report without private data host_name.txt to c:\reports\current_date\ folder

Example 2:

astra32.exe /RTHX name1.txt name2.htm name3.xml /Q
Save plain text report name1.txt, HTML report name2.htm and XML report name3.xml to the program folder in quiet mode

Example 3:

astra32.exe /RHXT c:\reports\name /C Today $DATE$
Save HTML report name.htm, XML report name.xml and plain text report name.txt to c:\reports\ folder with comment 'Today YYYYMMDD'

Example 4:

astra32.exe /R /LP profile.rpf
Save reports using report profile profile.rpf and exit

Example 5:

astra32.exe /LP profile.rpf
Load report profile profile.rpf and run ASTRA32 in interactive mode

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