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Physical Printers

Detailed information about USB printers and LPT/PnP devices (printers, scanners).

USB Printers
LPT/PnP devices (usually a printer)

USB Printer N

Information about USB printer number N.

Vendor: Printer vendor.

Device: Printer name.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer name.

Product: Product name.

Serial Number: USB device unique serial number.

Device Version: USB device version.

Class: Device class.

SubClass: Device subclass.

Protocol: Device protocol.

Configuration: Configuration string.

USB Version: Version of USB supported by the device.

Speed: Speed supported by the device.

Transfer Type: Transfer type (Control, Isochronous, Bulk, Interrupt).

Data Packet Size: Data packet size in byte.

Max Power: Maximal power consumption.


See Driver page for more details.

LPT/PnP Device on LPTN

Information about LPT/PnP device on LPT port number N. LPT device should be compliant with IEEE-1284 standard.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer of the LPT/PnP device.

Model: Device model.

Class: Device class. Possible values: PRINTER, MODEM, NET, HDC, PCMCIA, MEDIA, FDC, PORTS, SCANNER, DIGCAM.

Description: Device description.

Port: Number of LPT port.

Serial number: Device serial number.

Memory: Installed memory size.

Version: Device Version.

Revision: Device Revision.

Command Set: Command set supported by the device.

IO Preferences: Supported IO preferences.

Compatible ID: Compatible device ID. If there are no original drivers you can use drivers of this compatible device.

Status: Current status of the device.

Other: Other unique ID of this device/vendor.

Note: Fields are optional except Manufacturer, Model and Class.


See Driver page for more details.

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