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Detailed information about system, motherboard, chipset, onboard devices and system enclosure.


System Vendor: System vendor.

Product Name: System product name.

Version: System version.

Serial Number: System serial number.

UUID: Universal Unique ID number.

Wake-up Type: Identifies the event that caused the system to power up.

SKU Number:



Motherboard Vendor: Motherboard vendor.

Vendor URL: Web-address of the motherboard vendor where BIOS upgrade can be downloaded.

Board Model: Motherboard model.

Version: Motherboard version.

Serial Number: Motherboard serial number.

BIOS Version: BIOS vendor and version.

BIOS Date: Date of issue of the current BIOS.

Chipset Name: Manufacturer, name and code name of chipset.

Chipset Vendor: Mainboard chipset vendor. Chipset is a group of microchip designed to work and sold as a unit in performing one or more related functions. Is identified only in systems with the PCI bus.

Chipset: Name of chipset. Is identified only in systems with the PCI bus or AWARD BIOS.

Southbridge Vendor: Chipset southbridge vendor.

Southbridge: Name of southbridge.

Onboard Device N Info

Information about on board device number N

Description: Device description.

Device Type:

Status: Device status - enabled/disabled.

Configuration Options

Contains information required to configure the base board's Jumpers and Switches.

System Enclosure

Manufacturer: System enclosure manufacturer.

Type: System enclosure type.

Version: System enclosure version.

Serial Number: System enclosure serial number.

Asset Tag:

Boot-up State: Identifies the state of the enclosure when it was last booted.

Power Supply State: Identifies the state of the enclosure's power supply (or supplies) when last booted.

Thermal State: Identifies the enclosure's thermal state when last booted.

Security Status: Identifies the enclosure's physical security status when last booted.

OEM-defined: Contains OEM- or BIOS vendor-specific information.

Height: The height of the enclosure.

Power Cords: Identifies the number of power cords associated with the enclosure or chassis.

Contained Element: Identifies the number of Contained Element.

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