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Detailed information about BIOS, bus supported, boot options and BIOS features.


Motherboard OEM: Motherboard vendor.

OEM URL: Web-address of the motherboard vendor where BIOS upgrade can be downloaded.

BIOS Version: BIOS vendor and version.

BIOS Date: Date of issue of the current BIOS.

BIOS Copyright: Information on the vendor's copyright (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

Motherboard ID: Motherboard ID displayed during the computer start-up (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

BIOS ID: BIOS ID displayed during the computer start-up (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

BIOS Type: BIOS type (only for AWARD BIOS).

Bus Type: System bus type of the motherboard (only for AWARD BIOS).

BIOS Size: Microchip size containing BIOS (only for AMI BIOS).

Processor: Processor family (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

Chipset: Name of the motherboard chipset (only for AWARD BIOS).

Chipset ID: Chipset ID (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

BIOS Revision: Number of the BIOS version (only for AWARD and AMI BIOS).

MP Specification Ver.: Version of MultiProcessor specification.

MP Table Address: Physical starting address of MP table.

Number of CPU/Cores: Number of physical CPU/Cores.

DMI/SMBIOS Version: Version of DMI/SMBIOS specification.

Number of Structures: Total number of DMI/SMBIOS structure.

Structure Address: Physical starting address of the read-only SMBIOS structure table.


BIOS Vendor:

BIOS Version:

BIOS Date: BIOS release date.

BIOS ROM Size: Size of the physical device containing the BIOS.

Starting Segment: Segment location of BIOS starting address.

Current Language: Currently installed language.

Number of Languages: Number of languages available.

Bus Supported

System buses, which supported by BIOS.

  • PCI is Supported
  • AGP is Supported
  • USB is Supported
  • ISA is Supported
  • VLBus is Supported
  • MCA is Supported
  • EISA is Supported
  • PC Card is Supported

Boot Options

Boot options, which supported by BIOS.

  • Selectable Boot
  • Boot From CD
  • ATAPI ZIP Drive Boot
  • LS-120 Boot
  • BIOS Boot Specification
  • Boot From PC Card
  • Network Service Boot supported
  • I2O Boot
  • 1394 Boot

BIOS Features

  • BIOS Characteristics
  • ACPI Supported
  • PnP is Supported
  • APM is Supported
  • ESCD Support
  • Enhanced Disk Drive (EDD)
  • BIOS is Upgradeable (Flash)
  • BIOS ROM is Socketed
  • BIOS Shadowing is Allowed
  • Smart Battery Supported
  • Targeted Content Distribution
  • UEFI Specification is Supported
  • Virtual Machine
  • Int 13h - 5.25"/360kB Floppy
  • Int 13h - 5.25"/1.2MB Floppy
  • Int 13h - 3.5"/720kB Floppy
  • Int 13h - 3.5"/2.88MB Floppy
  • Int 5h, Print Screen Service
  • Int 9h, 8042 Keyboard Services
  • Int 14h, Serial Services
  • Int 17h, Printer Services
  • Int 10h, CGA/Mono Video Services
  • Int 13h - Floppy for NEC 9800
  • Int 13h - Floppy for Toshiba
  • NEC PC-98


Free form strings defined by the OEM.

Other SMBIOS Structures

List of DMI/SMBIOS structures (name, code), not supported by the program.

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