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PCI/AGP Devices

Detailed information about PCI/AGP devices (properties, used resources), AGP, PCI-X, HyperTransport and PCI-E capabilities.

Bus N, Dev. N, Func. N

Information about PCI device on bus number N, device number N and function number N.

Vendor: Code and name of the device vendor. For example, code 8086h belongs to Intel Corporation.

Device: Code and name of the PCI device. Program can identify many devices installed on a PCI bus - from chipsets to video cards.

Subsys Vendor: Unavailable on some PCI devices.

Subsystem ID: Unavailable on some PCI devices.

Class: Class of the device.

SubClass: Subclass of the PCI device of this class.

Revision: Revision of the vendor.

Interface: Type of the device program interface.

Device Properties

Device Timing: Possible values - fast, medium, slow, reserved.

Memory Access: Device response to I/O Space accesses.

I/O Access: Device response to Memory Space accesses.

Bus Master: Device ability to act as a master on the PCI bus.

66 MHz Speed Support: Device is capable of running at 66 MHz bus.

Device Resources

The following items are optional.

SMBus Port: Base port of access to SMBus.

ROM Address: ROM address of the device.

Memory Address: Range of the device's memory addresses.

Base I/O Port: Number of the device I/O port.

System IRQ: Number of the device system IRQ.

Interrupt Pin: Interrupt pin used by the PCI device.

AC'97/HDA Capabilities

AC'97/HDA Codec Name: Name of AC'97/HDA codec.

Codec Enhancement: 3D Stereo Enhancement of AC'97 codec.

AGP Capabilities

AGP Version: Version of the AGP bus supported by the device.

AGP Speed Supported: Speed of the AGP bus supported by the device. 'Selected' is the current speed of the AGP bus.

Fast Write:

4GB Addressing:

Side Band Addressing:

PCI-X Capabilities

Primary Bus Speed:

Primary Bus Size:

Secondary Bus Speed: 'Current' is the current speed of the PCI-X bus.

Secondary Bus Size:

HyperTransport Capabilities

HyperTransport Version: Version of HyperTransport.

Interface Type: Type of interface block - Slave/Primary or Host/Secondary.

Link 0/1 Frequency: Current clock frequency to be used on the link 0/1.

Link 0/1 Width In: Maximum width of the receive side of the link 0/1. 'Current' is the current width.

Link 0/1 Width Out: Maximum width of the transmit side of this link 0/1. 'Current' is the current width.

PCI-E Capabilities

PCI Express Version: Version of the PCI-E bus supported by the device.

Device Port/Type:

Link Speed: 'Current' is the current link speed of the PCI-E bus.

Link Width: 'Current' is the current link width of the PCI-E bus.

Link Port Number:

Physical Slot Number:


See Driver page for more details.

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