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Drivers Troubleshooter

List of all problem physical devices with drivers not installed or not properly installed.

Problem Device N

Device Type: PCI/AGP, USB, ISA/PnP, LPT/PnP, Monitor, SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, Processor.

Vendor: Name and ID of the device vendor.

Device: Name and ID of the device.

Driver Status: Status and error code of the device driver.

Manufacturer: Name of the device manufacturer.

Device Description: Description of the device.

Friendly Name: User friendly name of the device.

Device Class: Device setup class.

Device Location: Hardware location of the device.

Driver Provider: Provider of the device driver.

Driver Version: Version of the device driver.

Driver Date: Release date of the device driver.

Inf File: Inf file of the device driver.

Service Name: Sevice name of the device driver.

Hardware ID: Hardware identifier of the device.

Compatible ID: Compatible IDs for a device.

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