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This window is available only for VBE/DDC compatible monitors (PnP).
Detailed information about monitor, DPMS features and supported modes.


Monitor Vendor: Monitor vendor name.

Monitor Model: Monitor model name.

Viewable Size: Viewable diagonal monitor size. For CRT monitors this size is less than the size of tube indicated on monitor itself. Real diagonal size of 14-inch monitors is 12.7 inches, of 15-inch monitors - 13.8 inches, of 17-inch monitors - 15.7 inches.

Serial Number: Monitor unique serial number.

Manufacture Date: Month and year of the monitor manufacture.

EDID Version: VBE/DDC version.

Monitor ID: EISA-style Monitor ID.

Aspect Ratio: Monitor aspect ratio.

Horizontal Size: Real (visible) horizontal image size.

Vertical Size: Real (visible) vertical image size.

Gamma Factor: Standard used to correct the non-linear brightness distortion.

Display Type: Display type - color/monochrome.

Input Signal: Input signal type - analogue/digital.

Internal Vendor: Vendor string.

Internal Model: Model string.

Internal Number: Monitor serial number.

Vertical Frequency: Vertical frequency rate (optionally).

Horizontal Frequency: Horizontal frequency rate (optionally).

DPMS Features

DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) features supported by the monitor:

  • Active Off - active off mode. Energy consumption is less than 5 Wt, return to normal mode within 8-20 seconds
  • Suspend - suspended mode. Energy consumption is less than 30 Wt, return to normal mode within 4 seconds
  • Standby - standby mode. Energy consumption is less than 80% of normal consumption, return to normal mode within 1 second.

Supported Modes

List of supported modes (horizontal and vertical size in pixels) and supported refresh frequency (in Hz). Monitor's refresh rate can be less than indicated in the monitor documentation.


See Driver page for more details.

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