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Detailed information about operating system and regional settings.


Operating System: Name of the Operating System, build and version of Service Pack.

OS Language: Operating System language.

Windows Folder: Folder where Windows is located.

Installation Date: Date of Windows installation.

Kernel Type: Type of Windows kernel.

Licensed Processors: Number of licensed processors.

Registered Owner: User name to which Windows was registered.

Registered Organization: Company name to which Windows was registered.

Product ID: Windows Product ID.

Product Key: Windows Product Key.

System UpTime: System UpTime in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

IE Version: Version of Internet Explorer.

DirectX Version: Version of DirectX.

Regional Settings

Country: Full name of the country/region.

Language: Full name of the language from the ISO Standard 639.

Time Zone: The current time-zone parameters.

Currency Name: The full name of the currency associated with the locale.

Measurment System: System of measurement.

ANSI Code Page: ANSI code page associated with this locale.

OEM Code Page: OEM code page associated with the country/region.

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