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Detailed information about processor from SMBIOS.
Warining: SMBIOS information may be inaccurate.

Processor N Info

Information about processor number N.

Processor Vendor:

Processor Version: Processor model.

Current Speed: Current CPU speed.

External Clock: External clock frequency.

Voltage: CPU core voltage.

Processor Upgrade: Socket (slot, socket) processor type.

Processor Status: CPU status - enabled/disabled.

Socket Designation: Reference designation.

Processor Type:

Processor Family:

Processor ID1: Raw processor identification data.

Processor ID2: Raw processor identification data

Max Speed: Maximum internal processor speed, as supported by the system.

Socket Status: CPU socket populated.

Serial Number: CPU serial number.

Asset Tag:

Part Number: CPU part number.

CPU Core Count: The number of cores detected by the BIOS for this processor socket. Enabled: The number of cores that are enabled by the BIOS.

CPU Thread Count: The total number of threads detected by the BIOS for this processor socket.

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