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HDD Diagnostics

Information about HDD health status.

HDD N Status

HDD Model: HDD vendor and model read from IDE-controller.

HDD Default Size: Real HDD size read from the IDE-controller. Due to the two different ways of defining 'megabyte' your hard disk capacity can be calculated in two different ways: after calculating the number of bytes in the formula heads*sectors*cylinder*512-bytes-per-sector you may get the result in the unit 'megabyte' by dividing either by 1024*1024 (like in the BIOS of the computer does) or by 1000*1000 (like the producers of hard disks do).

Serial Number: HDD unique serial number.

Controller Revision: Number of the revision returned by the IDE-controller.

HDD Marketing Size: The marketing size much more than real size. In one 'computer' megabyte of 1048576 bytes, but in one 'marketing' (used by HDD manufacturers) of 1000000 bytes.

Buffer Size: Buffer size of the IDE-controller (you shouldn't mix it up with disk cache). Part of the buffer can be used for system
purposes, and its real size can be smaller. Some hard disks don't provide information on the buffer size.

ATA Controller Vendor: Vendor of ATA controller

ATA Controller Name: Name of ATA controller

Device Location: Device location on the ATA controller

HDD Temperature: Current temperature of HDD.

Reallocated Sectors: Number of reallocated sectors.

HDD Health Status: Can be one of four values:

  • Good - HDD is healthy;
  • Overheating - HDD overheating;
  • Poor - HDD health is average. It does not mean that the disk is faulty, however run a HDD diagnostic utility provided by your HDD vendor;
  • Bad - HDD health is bad. The risk of HDD failure is extremely high, do data backup immediately and run a HDD diagnostic utility provided by your HDD vendor.

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